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I'm a cosplayer from Finland, and that's the art you mostly find here. There are also some fanarts and some fanfictions. If you're interested in the last one, I suggest to go to I do write a lot, you see.

As you might realize from my ID, I'm also a figure skater. Cosplay and figure skating are both hobbies I hold dear and love from the bottom of my heart.
(I'm also the nutcase who had this crazy idea of making Shingeki no Kyojin figure skating show.)

If interested in SnK on Ice;
Go watch:…

And last but not least, all my costumes are self-made.

Don't be afraid to say hi, I love meeting new people!
So. Um.

Hello everyone, the old and the new!

I never expected to find myself writing anything like this, but with the sudden increase of watchers and comments I just have to!

So, I guess most of you know me now as the girl who performed the Shingeki no Kyojin figure skating program at Yukicon 2014, Finland.
You know, as I spent most of my Christmas holiday making the choreography in public rink hours cursing the kids and their parents and sewing the costume, I kept on thinking that hey, there's gotta be at least a few people who'll like the show! (Even if I couldn't risk a wig due to the speed, let alone a binder. Nor could I pull all the jumps I would've wanted, thanks to the frost.) 
And at the convention, I cursed again, since the ice was by no means as good as I was told it'd be. But I decided not to be sissy and tell the frost (I think it was about -15 C?) to go mind its own business, since I'm doing this!

And I did.

And there were more people who liked it than I ever imagined. (I could say it exploded, in a positive way of course!)

So. I think I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me with to make this possible (help with the belts, borrowing the swords, videotaping, the convention who was dumb enough to say yes), and also huge thank you to everyone who watched and liked the video!

SnK is awesome and so is cosplaying, but even more so is its fandom.
You guys are awesome.

Thanks. <3


Land that lost its sun by Anae-chan
Land that lost its sun
Donten ni Warau - Chuutarou Kumo

"He is the only unique, true king of my world."
"What can I say to ease Chuutarou's pain? Why did things turn out like this?"
- Chuutarou and Soramaru Kumo

I haven't uploaded any pics in a while, so here you go with more DnW! (Which ate my heart, especially after "death scene" - all the feels. And let's not even go to the DnW Gaiden and the feels it drowns the readers in.)

This photo was taken about a month ago in photoshoot we had with our awesome DnW group! I haven't had so much fun in a looong time, all the beautiful derping. :D And good photos! This might be my personal favourite, since I absolutely adore how it came out. ^^ 

Chuutarou: Yours truly
Soramaru: :iconelaedan:

Photographer:  :iconanniina85:
Editing: Yours truly

Costumes made by the cosplayers.

More DnW & other cosplays:
Look up to the blue sky and laugh by Anae-chan What we must do by Anae-chan A distant light by Anae-chan Give it your all! by Anae-chan
Look up to the blue sky and laugh by Anae-chan
Look up to the blue sky and laugh
Donten ni Warau - Chuutarou Kumo

"Hey, have you laughed recently?"
- Soramaru Kumo

I haven't been updating here in a while, sorry about that! (I've been more active on fb, though. ^^')
Anyway, thought to show you my newest cosplay, Chuutarou from DnW! Originally I had zero plans cosplaying from the series, but then on the last January I met Anniina85 on Desucon Frostbite and well... Things happened. :'D Like me ending up in a DnW cosplay group at Tracon.
To be honest, working on a cosplay while moving, finishing your thesis and having a friend over from Netherlands to come in a con... Never again. :'D It all resulted in me making the cosplay within a week. (Patterns for the clothes & necklace I had made beforehand but nothing else. Nada, zero.) Result? I finished my cosplay at 4.30 on Saturday. And I had to be at the con at 9. Uh-oh, never ever again. But I'm also happy with the result! Naturally, I have a couple of small fixes for our next photoshoot to do, but they are small. I'm really happy with the costume, especially since it had so many first-time-evers. I've never had proper side-binding before, never used textile printing before, never made a hat (I'm not counting Mad Hatter's top hat, it was quite different from Chuutarou's hat). :') Also, those pants were just weird.

BUT. I have zero regrets, our group was awesome and we had so much fun photoshooting and derping around that I can't even. (Going to post some photos of Kumo brothers at least later!) You ppl were the best. <3 (I also worked at the photoboot (CFT kuvauspiste) as an assistant and dang it was fun too, my photographer partner was awesome.) All in all? Best con this year. <3

Photographer: :iconanniina85:
Costume made & worn & editing: Yours truly (FB: )
Find that ray of light by Anae-chan
Find that ray of light
Digimon Adventure - Hikari Kamiya

I won't give in to the pain of skinned knees, adventure

I'll face my future, there's nothing to be afraid of  
Your smile moistens my dry throat
- Keep on, Digimon Adventure 2nd ED

I just realized I haven't posted any photos of our Digimon group from Desucon! So yup, we had full (!) Digimon group. I'm going to post photo or two of all of us, but for now, just have this one of the two adorable kids. :3 The group was a dream come true, all of us fitted the characters nicely! I also got to cosplay a girl for a change, but still needed to wear binder. Oh the sweet irony. :') But considering how worried I was about looking good as Hikari, it worked out dang well!
On another note; with three girls, we made ALL of the digivices & crests (which you unfortunately don't see here). Might post a pic of those at some point, too. :>

Hikari Yagami: Yours truly (FB: )
Takeru Takaishi: :iconsaaraz:
Photographer: Tapio Matikainen

More cosplays from me:
A distant light by Anae-chan To each, their own tale by Anae-chan Fly away by Anae-chan Give it your all! by Anae-chan Child of the wilderness by Anae-chan Attack on Ice by Anae-chan
Give it your all! by Anae-chan
Give it your all!
Final Fantasy Dissidia - Zidane Tribal

"I've always wanted to fight you."

It's been years since I last wore Zidane, but I when Desucon's Saturday started closing in and I noticed I didn't have any new cosplay to wear, I decided to recycle. And Zidane it was!

Honestly, I didn't remember how fun it was to be young, adorable monkey-boy with flirty attitude to rival anyone. Having tail is a royal pain in crowded convention center, but still worth it! :>

Cosplay (made & worn): Yours truly (FB: )
Photographer: :iconj-kameko:

More Final Fantasy & other cosplays from me:
I'll take you on! by Anae-chan Take to the sky by Anae-chan To each, their own tale by Anae-chan A distant light by Anae-chan What we must do by Anae-chan

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