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I'm a cosplayer from Finland, and that's the art you mostly find here. There are also some fanarts and some fanfictions. If you're interested in the last one, I suggest to go to I do write a lot, you see.

As you might realize from my ID, I'm also a figure skater. Cosplay and figure skating are both hobbies I hold dear and love from the bottom of my heart.
(I'm also the nutcase who had this crazy idea of making Shingeki no Kyojin figure skating show.)

If interested in SnK on Ice;
Go watch:…

And last but not least, all my costumes are self-made.

Don't be afraid to say hi, I love meeting new people!
So. Um.

Hello everyone, the old and the new!

I never expected to find myself writing anything like this, but with the sudden increase of watchers and comments I just have to!

So, I guess most of you know me now as the girl who performed the Shingeki no Kyojin figure skating program at Yukicon 2014, Finland.
You know, as I spent most of my Christmas holiday making the choreography in public rink hours cursing the kids and their parents and sewing the costume, I kept on thinking that hey, there's gotta be at least a few people who'll like the show! (Even if I couldn't risk a wig due to the speed, let alone a binder. Nor could I pull all the jumps I would've wanted, thanks to the frost.) 
And at the convention, I cursed again, since the ice was by no means as good as I was told it'd be. But I decided not to be sissy and tell the frost (I think it was about -15 C?) to go mind its own business, since I'm doing this!

And I did.

And there were more people who liked it than I ever imagined. (I could say it exploded, in a positive way of course!)

So. I think I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me with to make this possible (help with the belts, borrowing the swords, videotaping, the convention who was dumb enough to say yes), and also huge thank you to everyone who watched and liked the video!

SnK is awesome and so is cosplaying, but even more so is its fandom.
You guys are awesome.

Thanks. <3


To each, their own tale by Anae-chan
To each, their own tale
Zetsuen no Tempest - Mahiro Fuwa

"I won't live my life by another person's script. Not by Hamlet or The Tempest. I don't know how many years in the future it will be... but I'll write and act my own ending."
- Fuwa Mahiro

Soooo. Desucon came and went and I surprised myself by accidentally ending up to cosplay Zetsuen with :iconsaaraz:. I was thrilled and still am, since I've loved Mahiro from the get go. Hopefully getting to photoshoot as him again in the near future, since I had time of my life in 15 mins we took pics in the con!
As for the costume; I resized huuuge blouse into small small, made most of the jewelry and the walkie-talkie! Also shoes, which are not visible in this. :>

Photographer: :iconyamiaeris:
Cosplay (made & worn) & photoshop: Yours truly (FB: )

More cosplay from me:
A distant light by Anae-chan Take to the sky by Anae-chan 'til we're down to the last man by Anae-chan Looking down by Anae-chan
What we must do by Anae-chan
What we must do
Shingeki no Kyojin - Ymir

I know how you feel
But we know what we must do


Popcult happened. (I was cosplay performance judge on Sunday! It was awesome and exciting and all the good performances and waaaaah ~) I also happened to cosplay Ymir and photoshoot as her. And gawd I got gorgeous photos! This is one of those; it's very pose-like, but I still like it a lot. :>

Cosplay & costume (worn & made): Yours truly
Photgrapher: :iconj-kameko:

More SnK from me:
Cold hands, warm heart by Anae-chan Fly away by Anae-chan 'til we're down to the last man by Anae-chan Attack on Ice by Anae-chan
Fly away by Anae-chan
Fly away
Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku (A Choice with no Regrets / Birth of Levi) - Levi Ackerman

A place we can't reach even with the gear. Just you wait, 'cause someday we'll definitely  make it out there, too."
- Isabel Magnolia, A choice with no regrets prologue

Spamming SnK again, but we went to photoshoot young Levi without gears a couple of weeks ago, just after 2nd OVA aired, and I'm just loving the photos! (Btw, alternative title: dat butt.) :'D I was dang disappointed in the end of the 2nd OVA through. Why change and shorten the most important and best scene in the entire manga? I can't understand that. >< Was someone else disappointed, too?

Cosplay (made & worn) & photoshop: Yours truly (
FB: )
Photographer: :iconyamiaeris:

Other SnK from me:
Cast aside by Anae-chan 'til we're down to the last man by Anae-chan  Cold hands, warm heart by Anae-chan The ruins of freedom by Anae-chan You can't fly if you never try by Anae-chan  Attack on Ice by Anae-chan
I still dream by Anae-chan
I still dream
Magi - Aladdin

Will you laugh, saying that I’m just like a child, if I say I still dream?
- Matataku Hoshi no Shita de (Magi 2nd OP)

It's been a while since I've uploaded something! So have Aladdin from Magi for a change. :D (Photo is taken in Otakon 2013. In USA. It was quite a trip, I tell you! :D)

Cosplay (made & worn): Yours truly (FB: )
Photographer: :iconlostdreamz82: <3

More Magi from me:
Reach by Anae-chan Friendship by Anae-chan
A distant light by Anae-chan
A distant light
The Hobbit - Kili

"Far over the misty mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day
To find our long forgotten gold"
- Howard Shore

I FINISHED IT. (I lack one knife, shush.) And I'm proud of it.
Most of the detailing was done in a week with me sewing 24/7 instead of writing a thesis. Not recommended, but worth it. (You can't actually see all of the details, but oh well.) I love this photo our photographer snapped in quick photoshoot in the convention! When I get my hands to the rest of the pictures, I'll be uploading them. :D

Costume made & worn: yours truly (FB: )
Photographer: Tapio Matikainen

More of Kili:
The Hobbit on Ice by Anae-chan
Also, link to the Hobbit figure skating by me;
Part 1:…
Part 2:… 


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